Saturday, October 27, 2012


In class we are reading Holes, by Louis Sachar. Poor Stanley Yelnats....keeps ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. While at a juvenile correctional facility, (there for a crime he didn't commit) Stanley has to dig holes all day. One of his group mates, X-Ray, is the definite leader. He's the one who tells the boys how to line up for water breaks. Of course Stanley is last. But one day, Stanley does something pretty impressive. X-Ray decides to move Stanley up one space in line for water. We have discussed in class how this gesture symbolized respect.

Today....a sweet, loveable, innocent teacher (did I mention sweet?) was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. UNDER THE SLIME BUCKET! My students worked hard all week to bring in money to raise awareness for being drug free. The teacher whose class brought in the most money won the prize. PRIZE?????

It was a prize for my students to watch me get slimed today. It was a prize for me to see them smile...although I am pretty sure some of those smiles were because they were witnessing the one who gives too much work get slimed.

So, in honor of Stanley Yelnats, I relinquished my phobias of both germs and large crowds of people staring at me to hopefully move up one place in line.


  1. Darn I came late just when I came you left ps ch 8 of giver was good cant wait to read it at school. sincerly, William Lindsey

  2. HA HA!I was not here,but that looks so funny.(no offense)I can see Ronnie in the front row.He must've enjoyed it.Anyway,I love The Giver so far.I cannot wait to "see" Jonas' training.They have a very odd community.I can't wait to read more!!! Have a nice day!Isabella Thompson

  3. ha! ha! ha! thank you tyler for the twenty dollar bill and mrs.dubose please get I Survived Titanic and I Survived Hurricane Katrina with the money.

    Kayleigh Tate

  4. I was there an got it all on tape!!!!I saw you walking in when Iris was freaking out because she thought you were not going to be there!!hahah!!!I hope you saw the play that Olivia and I did!!!PS:i finally found out how to post a comment!!!