Friday, October 5, 2012

A Journey Just Beginning

Today ended our first nine weeks of the school year. So many amazing things occured during this term that I am finding it difficult to gather the words to capture it. However, I feel that I must try to give a written voice to the emotion and progression I have been privy to.

There are not too many days when I don't drive out of my school's parking lot feeling blessed to be a teacher. It really is the best profession, in my opinion. I have the highest honor each and every day of guiding children along their path, molding young minds into deep thinkers, and above all building relationships that will last a lifetime.

We read the final chapter of Gathering Blue this week. Upon finishing, many students raised their hands immediately to be called on. I knew the students would want to discuss the book. They have bombarded our class discussions this term with such intellectual connections and thoughts. They have genuinely learned how to analyze literature. It has almost become a friendly competition to see who can be the deepest thinker, or who can find the most literary elements within a chapter. It was truly amazing to see the passion these fifth graders had over literature.

I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion this term. My students have exhibited emapthy towards the characters we encountered, and have begun to carry out that empathy towards one another at school. 

This is not a profession where you can create a to do list....I cannot simply check off items to be taught by the end of the year, so that my students perform well on a test. I cannot even think the word TEST. This is a profession of heart. This is a profession of creativity...finding  a way to create a journey for my students to experience. Each book, each lesson, each you tube video, each class discussion has a central theme. It has to. Otherwise there is no sense of purpose for the students. Knowing the end of this journey they will travel, gives me such excitement and anticipation for what they will come to realize.

I look forward with that anticipation to experiencing this year with them. Such a reward. Appreciatively, for now I am their captain. For now, I am their guide. But, just wait. They are hanging on the edge of their seats to be let to make their own choices, to be their own guide. What successes they will be.


  1. I am happy we have literature circles. I have connections and predictions for every chapter.

  2. Mrs.Dubose,
    I had so much fun reading Gathering Blue and Hunger Games!!! I can't wait until I read Catching Fire with my book club. Just letting you know!!!!!!
    Yours truly,
    Jack Carr

  3. the 1st 9 weeks were awesome but i know that the 2,3,and 4th 9 weeks are going to be great too!!

    kenzie davidson:)