Saturday, September 8, 2012

Narrative Writing

Two worlds diverged.... 
        Two protagonists; one goal..... To survive

We have spent much of our time in class discussing these two wonderfully developed protagonists. We talked this week about major characters vs. minor characters, and how our two authors have developed these heroines we have come to love. We are rooting for them both.

Thursday and Friday of last week was all about writing. Our second narrative prompt of the year is based around our two major characters, Kira and Katniss. Both protagonists receive a special gift. Kira receives a necklace from her dying mother and Katniss receives a mockingjay pin from her friend before the reaping. The students are now developing their own essays explaining a special gift they have received and why it has meant so much to them. To model narrative essay writing with the students, Kira and Katniss both sent us an essay they wrote. (I actually had some students ask if they really did :)) These two essays "written by our protagonists" show the students how their stories can be captured in an organized fashion.

In our writing, blue represents background information; green represents topics; yellow represents reasons, details, facts; and red represents explanation, example, and ellaboration

An essay written by Katniss Everdeen:
     In District 12, we have learned to be creative when searching for gifts to give our loved ones. There are many objects at the Hob that could be bought to give as gifts. But sometimes, on rare occasions, gifts come from very unexpected places. My friend, Madge, gave me a gift on the day of the reaping. It was a mockingjay pin. This unexpected kindness from her turned out to mean much more to me than I ever thought it could.
     One reason the pin became so important to me was because it reminded me of home. Once I entered the arena to play the games, there were times when I missed home so much it hurt. So, on these occasions, I held my pin tightly and tried to envision what Prim, Mother, and Gale were doing. It's funny how I missed something I didn't much like at all before coming to the Capitol. But that's what this pin did....It made me appreciate what I had back home.
     Another reason I cherished this pin so much is because of the mockingjay itself. This bird not only reminded me of my father and how he used to sing to them, it also helped me stay strong and brave. It helped me to see my importance to my district... Someone who would fight for those who couldn't. The mockingjay became my symbol. I was District 12's voice. I was their hope.
     As you can seel, this pin has meant so much to me. It has taught me more about myself. It has helped me hang on to courage I didn't think I had. I am truly thankful for Madge, and the pin she gave me.

An essay written by Kira:
     We don't receive many gifts in my village. Gifts are a rare thing. In fact, my friend, Matt, says the only gift he ever received was a kick in the pants. Although gifts are rare, I did receive one from my mother before she died. This special gift is a necklace that was given to her by my father.
     One reason this gift is so special to me is because it brings back wonderful memories of my mother. I can remember the day she gave it to me. She was sick, but not so close to death that she couldn't sit and talk with me. It was a lovely day... and lovely days are hard to come by in my village. I will always be able to feel her presence with me in times of trouble as long as I am wearing her necklace.
     Another reason why this gift means so much to me, is because it was given to her by my father. My father was killed by the beasts in the field. I've heard that he was a great hunter, but something must have gone wrong on his last hunt. Although I've never met him, I feel that this gift keeps us connected somehow.
     Clearly, the village I am from has many flaws. I do not know anyone who has a gift from their loved ones. Usually, special gifts are taken by the Council of Guardians. I am thankful to have my necklace to remind me of both my mother and father. I feel they will always be looking out for me as I make my way through this difficult life.


  1. Love this prompt. Will you post any student essays?

  2. I can't wait to read more about Katniss and Kira!!!!

    Isabella Thompson

  3. i love the hunger games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO KATNISS!!!!!!!!!!i love gathing blue too it is so good!! KAMRYN EZELL

  4. at first i really didnt know what the hunger games was about or anything and now i know everthing about katniss and her family and im so glad that mrs.dubose has been reading the hunger games to us!!!!!!

  5. Like You Said That Once You Get To The Climax Of The Story,The Story Gets Real Interesting.I Believe You Because In Hunger Games,I was Not That Interested In It. But When We Got To The Rising Action And The Climax I Was Interested!!!!!!

    Jack Carr :)

  6. I loved illustrating the irony from Gathering Blue and The Hunger
    Games in class today!!!I can't wait to draw some more art!!!
    p.s.I saw Annie's comments and I want to say HI ANNIE!!!
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    1. Hello Annie!I miss you too!I'm happy that we will Skype your class.I think I will read Matched soon.It sounds good.
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    3. I wish we could do this in person. Why did you leave annie why did you leave? P.S. are we going to have spelling in fifth grade? Kayleigh Tate

  8. hi mrs dubose i saw hunger games it was scary then i got over it when i saw it it reminded me about you- Annie Carpenter