Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Note from Lois Lowry

As you know, your summer reading book was by the author Lois Lowry. We will continue our author study on Wednesday of her and continue throughout the year. She is an amazing author. Past students have enjoyed many of her books, but the one that always seems to be the favorite is a book titled The Giver. I contacted Ms. Lowry to tell her how much we always enjoy her stories. She tried to post her comment to our blog, but was having trouble. She decided to email me a copy of what she wants you all to know. Below, is her response:

Hi, Kids:
I'm so glad to hear from your teacher that you are enjoying my books! The book called SON will be published in October and will make a quartet... four books... out of what was THE GIVER trilogy. The baby, Gabe, is the center of this book, along with the young girl- her name is Claire- who gave birth to him. But Jonas and Kira are there as well. I hope you like this one as well.
When I was your age, reading was my very favorite past time. Actually, it still is.
Lois Lowry

Well, there you have it! Three cheers for Lois Lowry! How amazing it is that she took time to write to you! See you all on Wednesday. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this.


  1. Oh how exciting to hear from Louis Lowry! This new book sounds great!
    Mrs. Holland

  2. My favorite book is autumn street.Because it is sad to me.Because Charles dies.From Survaria Moore!!!!

  3. my favorite book by Louis lowry is stay because keeper finaly finds a home and a person to take care of him.

    kenzie davidon

  4. hi Annie Carpenter PS i miss u

  5. I love all the books you have wrote that I have read.

    -Lauren Dinning