Thursday, September 29, 2011

Give Yourselves a Hand!

Group 4 working on their Literary Devices art project
Hard at work in class

Our wonderful student teacher, Mrs. Brashier, has helped us so much.
Today I decided to take just a moment to video the class working on day 1 of a hands on activity. We will finish this activity tomorrow and a second video will be added to show off their finished products. The students have been spending this first 9 weeks really diving into various literary elements and devices. We have been enjoying a read aloud of my favorite book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry. I read this book over a decade ago for my children's literature class at Mississippi College and it immediately became my favorite novel. It teaches such wonderful lessons. It allows my students to see that a world without pain and grief would also mean a world with no emotion. We talk in class about the positives of having the low moments in life. For without them, we would not cherish the high moments. Through this novel, we have drawn from it the literary lessons needed to grow academically. The first 9 weeks have been fantastic. The students have grown so much in such a short time, and I look forward with anticipation to see just how much we can accomplish this year. Thanks for sharing in this journey with us.


  1. The Giver is a great book.I'm glab Mrs.DuBose chose it for us to read.I have enjoyed the first nine weeks.As going into the second nine weeks i am emjoying it as well.We do so many fun projects that Mrs.DuBose and Miss Briachier plan for us.Iknow I will enjoy this school year bacause of my wonderful teachers and the activities we do.

  2. I love the giver and can't wait to read more .The first 9 weeks was so much fun becuase of are fabulous teachers and student teacher. I am SUPER exited about invention convention .I wonder what we'll do

  3. it was really fun!! Morgan Phillips