Wednesday, May 4, 2011

There's no crying in teaching!

 One of my favorite movies is A League of Their Own. Tom Hanks's infamous line was used often in my household since I was the daughter of a baseball coach, who also loved the movie. I've used the line often throughout my life. My five year old recently cried while on a shopping outing. My obvious response was that there was no crying in shopping. My four year old cries every day while walking our dog. Her big sister has learned to tell her that there's no crying in exercising. When I thought about my blog today, knowing that I wanted to highlight my amazing team, I asked myself what is the prevalent and paramount theme running through our days together at school. Instantly I knew it was tears and laughter. My team has proven that there IS an exception to every rule. What do you mean, there's no crying in teaching? We cry everyday. At least two of us cry on a daily basis. Tears from laughter are the best tears! I can't imagine coming to work everyday and not having these hilarious, caring, unique ladies to liven up the day. The students are always fantastic. They are one reason I love teaching. But during those times when teachers aren't teaching.....I couldn't have asked to have a better group. Morning walks in the hallway just wouldn't be the same without Mel Lanke dancing to Thriller. Lunch time would be so boring if I didn't have Molly Chew to sit beside and share stories. I actually could do without Lanke's random spits though (ha ha, Mel). Recess certainly would be so bland without Anetrice Carroll's outrageous topics of conversation.
Mel Lanke: Math, Science
Affectionate, Fiesty, Loyal
Molly Chew: Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies
Kind, Caring, Gentle, Hard Worker, Quiet Strength

Anetrice Carroll: Math, Science
Hilarious, Crazy, Sarcastic, Resourceful
They say there are no dumb questions.....But this is often the look I receive after asking Ms. Carroll questions.


  1. So many great teachers out there! Where's Ms. DuBose?

  2. Adorable...and yes they're all of those things. I am lucky to share the hall with such characters.

  3. looking at these pictures,our teachers are CRAZY!!!!!!!but i still like them all!!!!!:)